3DS-exclusive Terraria

Terraria: Top 10 3DS-Exclusive Content

Embark on a unique 3DS-exclusive Terraria adventure!

Terraria: Top 10 3DS-Exclusive Content

While playing Terraria on the 3DS isn’t for everyone, it was kind of Re-Logic to toss a bone to handheld gamers by offering an astounding quantity of exclusive in-game content for one of Nintendo’s most successful devices.

If any of these rare events, items, or bosses pique your interest, it may be time to dust out your 3DS, borrow one from a friend, or check out what your local vintage gaming store has to offer. However, if none of those methods work out or aren’t fairly practicable, you could always use an emulator, ethically and at your own legal risk.

10. Easter

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If you started Terraria on your 3DS at any point in April, you’d be in the thick of the Easter seasonal event. During the event, bunnies will be replaced by aggressive Diseaster Bunnies, who have a one-in-a-million chance of dropping Suspicious Looking Eggs.

However, these unusual eggs are employed for more than just casual painting tasks. When you use it, you’ll summon this event’s monster, Lepus, who is recognizable by its massive size, white fluffy tail, and insatiable urge to leap around and squish you.

9. Oktoberfest

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If you missed Oktoberfest this year or aren’t a huge fan of beer, this event will allow you to enjoy the celebrations in your own unique way. All you have to do to trigger the event is play between late September and the end of October.

While there are no distinctive foes to battle, you can visit the Clothier to purchase traditional Oktoberfest attire, such as Lederhosen, or the Merchant to purchase one, or more, of those iconic, boot-shaped beer cups.

8. Thanksgiving

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You will be able to participate in the Thanksgiving event throughout November. When you visit the Merchant, you’ll find a new item for sale for 10 gold: the Turkey Feather. This item, by itself, will summon a lovely little pet turkey to accompany you on your journeys.

While slaying opponents with your new feathered companion, you may discover that adversaries rarely drop Cursed Stuffing. If you use the Cursed Stuffing while carrying the Turkey Feather, both items will be consumed, summoning the event’s boss, Turkor the Ungrateful.

7. Valentine’s Day

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Playing throughout February will activate the Valentine’s Day event, allowing you to buy Heart Arrows and Valentine Rings from the Merchant, as well as the chance to earn a Broken Heart from mining gems, which summons a cute pet cupid.

While this event will not fill the void in your heart caused by not having someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, it will allow you to obtain some valuable goods that none of your friends will be able to obtain on PC, Switch, or any other platform.

6. Lepus

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If you summoned Lepus, Easter’s pre-Hardmode boss, you should have gear that can withstand 50 damage hits and a ranged weapon capable of reducing a 9,000 point life bar.

If you win, Lepus will drop a number of Lesser Healing Potions and Suspicious Looking Eggs, as well as a 50% chance to receive two Easter event exclusives: the Egg Cannon and the Boots of Ostara. Interestingly, Lepus has a 3% chance of dropping any Ninja set piece and a 1% chance of dropping three Souls of Might.

5. Turkor The Ungrateful

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Turkor the Ungrateful can be considered of as an easier, pre-Hardmode Golem, with just 7,000 max health, separate health bars for the head and body, and 15 to 38 damage per hit depending on which body part hits you.

When defeated, Turkor will drop five to twenty Lesser Health Potions, one to five feathers, and the Horn o’ Plenty, which works as an eternally reusable health potion, restoring 120 health per use. The Horn, on the other hand, has a cooldown, so you can’t spam it.

4. Valentine Ring

Terraria: Top 10 3DS-Exclusive Content - 7

The Valentine Ring is the strongest item from the Valentine’s Day event, offering an additional, passive 50% life regeneration and a leap height increase, making it a highly important early-game item.

It can be purchased from the Merchant for one gold, but its passive effects will not be activated until you drop it and pick it up again; the ring is supposed to be a present for another player, thus this is a ridiculous workaround you can employ if you’re playing alone.

3. Zapinator

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The Zapinator is a hardmode magic weapon that drops approximately 1.25% of the time after defeating Plantera. It swiftly blasts green lasers, similar to the Space Gun, but each projectile fired is faster and delivers more damage.

This weapon is best coupled with plenty of mana potions, magical damage-increasing gear, and a Mana Flower so you don’t have to manually recharge your mana bar and thus sustain a constant stream of lasers. This is undeniably cooler than the original Duck Hunt controller.

2. Suspicious Looking Apple

Terraria: Top 10 3DS-Exclusive Content - 9

The Suspicious Looking Apple is a pet-summoning item obtained either from chests, or dropped from enemies you’d find in the Corruption biome, including Devourers, Giant Worms, Diggers, and very rarely, from segments of the Eater of Worlds boss.

Once equipped, you’ll have a small worm friend that will follow you and occasionally comment on in-game events, such as throwing an explosive or dying. If this worm looks familiar, your memory isn’t failing you; this is a crossover pet that Re-Logic did with the creators of Worms 3.

1. Holy Hand Grenade

Terraria: Top 10 3DS-Exclusive Content - 10

A welcome sight for any Monty Python fan, the Holy Hand Grenade can be crafted at a Work Bench, provided you have five sticks of dynamite, two gold bars, and one bottled water. Although this weapon does an incredible 600 base damage, it does take five seconds to explode.

Also, unlike regular grenades, Holy Hand Grenades will damage blocks and items, so be careful where you’re throwing these things. Unless you’re fighting a large, ideally slow-moving boss, this weapon is more of a gimmick than anything else.