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10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game

Let’s discover the top 10 GTA characters who have appeared in more than one game in the section below.

One thing you can expect from GTA sequels is that you will rarely hear from the previous protagonists. The GTA lead characters are fantastic; there is no if, and, or but about it. The absences are upsetting, although many of the secondary or supporting characters do return.

These are pleasant surprises that make the GTA universe feel more linked and alive. While newbies will be impacted, veterans will benefit from these returns and have a more fulfilling tale experience as a result.

10. Johnny Klebitz

The One Done Dirty

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 1

There are a few returning protagonists, and because they are the most visible, they should be addressed first. Johnny Klebitz is the protagonist in GTA4: The Lost and Damned. By the end, he was a total badass and brutal killing machine, more memorable than Luis Lopez but less so than Niko.

Unfortunately for Johnny lovers, he appears in GTA 5 for less than two minutes before being slain. Between GTA4 and 5, Johnny developed a nasty drug addiction, which is why he’s no longer the 80s Arnold killing machine we saw before. Johnny was not the only GTA4 character to die in 5.

9. Claude

The OG

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 2

Claude was the first GTA protagonist of the 3D era. He is a silent protagonist, as were many at the period, yet he is just as dangerous as today’s quiet action heroes. His first verified appearance was in GTA III, however he also featured in the predecessor, San Andreas. That game goes over some of the backstory between him and Catalina leading up to his Liberty City debut.

One intriguing element of Claude is that he could be the same character as Claude Speed, the main protagonist of GTA2. This has never been confirmed by Rockstar and is simply a theory. If this is accurate, Claude would be the only GTA protagonist to play the lead in more than one game.

8. Poppy Mitchell

America’s Favorite Daughter

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 3

With GTA being a spoof of everything American, Poppy Mitchell plays the young actress who begins innocently, but as she grows older, things get wild. It’s unclear whether she was a child actress, but that’s obviously the angle Rockstar is aiming for.

She initially featured in Ballad of Gay Tony as part of the Club Management side activity. You’ll have to help her out of a jam, but she reappears in GTA5 to engage in more wild escapades. The Strangers & Freaks missions featuring her are among the most memorable in the game.

7. Al Di Napoli

An Unexpected Outcome

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 4

Al Di Napoli is another celebrity that will require your help in Club Management. He reappears in GTA5 as a mash-up of numerous major Italian Hollywood celebrities. This time, he participates in the Vinewood Souvenirs Trevor questline and receives the harshest treatment of everybody participating.

Trevor eventually captures Al, and you have the option of killing him by driving the car into a rail or letting him go. Because he does not appear on GTA Online and killing him is required for the gold medal, Al is undoubtedly dead.

6. Tony Prince

The Life Of The Party

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 5

GTA4’s second DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony, focuses largely on nightlife. That’s the main idea, and Tony Prince is in charge. While not the protagonist, he is one of the game’s main characters and is mentioned in the title.

Tony was a no-show throughout GTA5, but he reappeared in Online as an important role in nightclub management. After the initial companies were revealed, the idea of running a nightclub became a distinct possibility, and many people hoped Tony would return. He did, and it’s nice to see him back in the GTA universe.

5. Lazlow Jones

They Put A Game Developer In?

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 6

You may not realize it, but one character in each main 3D GTA entry ties all of them together. That character is Lazlow Jones. Despite not making a visual appearance, he was a radio host you could listen to in every mainline installment leading up to GTA5.

It isn’t just the same voice but the same character. In GTA5, he finally got a physical appearance, which was nice to see. Lazlow Jones is based on and voiced by the real-life radio host and Rockstar game dev of the same name. Lazlow departed from Rockstar in 2020, so he likely won’t be in any further installments besides a possible cameo.

4. Marnie Allen

A Drastic Character Shift

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 7

If you’ve just played GTA 5, going back to 4 to witness this character’s origins is very strange. Marnie Allen was a character that Niko could meet at random in GTA 4. She’s fallen deep into the drug world, and you’ll have to assist her. In Grand Theft Auto 5, Marnie unexpectedly joins the Epsilon Program.

A fake cult that ran primarily for the purpose of collecting donations; her ties to this group are unusual given her background. This character may have been completely new, but Rockstar chose this minor individual from GTA4 to fill the role. Her path through the GTA series is intriguing, to say the least.

3. Karen Daniels

GTA’s Biggest Female Agent

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 8

A big plot twist in GTA4 is that one of your girlfriends is actually an undercover agent by the name of Karen Daniels. It’s a great twist many won’t see coming, but her agent role is ripe for future appearances.

With how much government agencies are involved in GTA5 with the FIB and IAA, it only makes sense she returns. Not only in GTA5 but in Online as well, when doing the Humane Labs Raid. Her reappearance fits like a glove, and don’t be surprised if she ends up coming back in GTA6.

2. Rocco Pelosi

Delaying The Inevitable

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 9

Out of all the GTA villains, Rocco Pelosi is a notable one. Not one of the best, but notable for sure, debuting in The Ballad of Gay Tony. By the end, he was still kicking, unlike several others, but he was just delaying the inevitable.

In GTA5, Rocco messes with Solomon’s movie business, and Michael won’t have any of it. After a few encounters, Michael kills Rocco, ending him for good. Many GTA4 characters got the ax in 5, but none of them deserved it more than Rocco.

1. Patrick McReary

Welcome Back

10 GTA Characters who have appeared in more than one game - 10

An awesome returning character in the GTA series has to be Patrick McReary. He plays a big role in GTA4 as one of Niko’s friends. Once the like meter’s raised high enough, he can deliver car bombs, which are incredibly fun to play around with.

In GTA5, he returns, although you may not realize it at first. During a random event, Patrick and another person will hold up a store, and you can help or kill them. Helping them is the right move, as Patrick can now join you during heists. He’s an excellent heist member in both GTA5 and Online, and he’s one character you’re just glad is back.