Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire

Experience the thrill of accumulating vast wealth in these top 8 games that grant you the chance to become a billionaire.

It’s no secret that money rules the world, whether in games or in real life. The pursuit of dollars has always been a powerful motivator for exploring a game’s universe and seeking employment opportunities. Many games allow you to build large bank accounts, but few go to extremes.

There is an immense amount of satisfaction to be had in watching your bank account number soar higher and higher. Be it by ill-gotten gains or savvy investments, these are some of the titles that let you channel your inner Scrooge McDuck.

8. Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire - 1

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been home to some unsavory individuals wanting to make it big by any means necessary, so it’s ironic that, of all GTA’s protagonists, the unnamed protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode ends up with the most money.

GTA: Online’s several upgrades have brought a variety of high-priced guns, homes, and automobiles, resulting in a wide portfolio of unlawful items. All of this demonstrates that for people who have achieved billionaire status through blood money, there is no better place for a shopping binge than sunny Los Santos.

7. The Sims 4

Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire - 2

Through The Sims, you can make your dreams come true. Whether it be becoming a world-renowned artist or the next musical sensation, your aspirations will be bringing in those sweet Simoleons. Anyone who has played the game long enough or has gotten carried away with the cheats might have discovered that there is an unfortunate money cap at 999,999,999.

And while boasting a billion-dollar wallet may not be possible without the use of mods it is still achievable to reach that coveted level of wealth through the game’s many expansions. Owning vaults or other expensive property found in DLCs like Get Famous or Get To Work can allow Sims to exceed the cap via their total net worth.

6. Yakuza 0

Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire - 3

Money has always been a core theme in the Yakuza series but none is that more true than in Yakuza 0. With a focus on buying up property all across 1988 Kamurocho, Kiryu soon has Yen rolling in at a profound rate. While getting exact figures is difficult due to exchange rates and inflation, it is possible for Kiryu to not only become a billionaire but surpass that threshold as well.

Even with real estate on the rise, Kiryu still has plenty of less wholesome ways to earn his income. In particular, through the time-honored tradition of grabbing whatever cash possible when thugs try to harass the Dragon of Dojima on the street. Not to mention the biggest piggy bank of all, AKA Mr. Shakedown, who’s risky to brawl with but can provide a hefty payout.

5. Payday 2

Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire - 4

Whoever says crime doesn’t pay must have never witnessed the Payday team in action. In Payday 2, stealing millions from each job has fast become the norm. Back at base, there’s a certain sense of accomplishment in seeing the stacks of cash in the vault rise and increase, capable of reaching genuinely insane proportions.

Almost all of these funds are allocated to an offshore bank account, which provides late-game bonuses, with the remainder being used to transform the heisters into some of the swankiest, best-equipped criminals around.

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4. Adventure Capitalist

Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire - 5

Few games better represent the values of the American Dream than Adventure Capitalist. Beginning with a simple lemonade shop and progressing to controlling movie studios, banks, and oil firms, Adventure Capitalist is all about building a vast pool of income. Unlike most games, your potential earnings exceed billions of dollars.

Once Earth runs out of investment opportunities, the stars provide even more chances to upgrade businesses. With improvements from the Moon and Mars, it’s possible to ascend beyond meager billions. The actual cap is $10 uncentillion. For perspective, just one uncentillion is one followed by 360 zeroes.

3. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire - 6

The pursuit of wealth is an ancient tradition and back in a time before corporations and organized crime, those looking to build up a dragon’s hoard worth of money would have to conquer. Nowhere is that concept put on display more than in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, an action sandbox that allows you to create an empire through bloody battles.

Through combat, there’s plenty of loot to be obtained, but true economic prosperity doesn’t come from the battlefield but rather from some of the less violent sources. Organizing trade routes and forging goods out of raw materials can help net the kind of income necessary for those looking to build their empire.

2. Game Dev Tycoon

Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire - 7

Game Dev Tycoon is a refreshingly honest approach on attaining wealth, promising you the opportunity to build the game firm of your dreams. However, much like in real life, ambitious game developers face numerous hurdles that prevent them from becoming overnight successes. Organizing your team, combating piracy, and pleasing fans are all challenges that must be overcome on the path to gaming greatness.

Success can take many forms in Game Dev Tycoon, but for the astute CEO, a total net worth in the billions is conceivable. It may require significant effort, but with the appropriate team and business plan, there is a path to building a gaming empire worthy of the Fortune 500.

1. Kerbal Space Program

Top 8 games that offer you the opportunity to become a billionaire - 8

While accumulating wealth can be enjoyable in and of itself, it is easy to lose sight of why we have so much money. Kerbal Space Program is ideal for people who want to put their money towards a great cause. Building up funds in the name of science enables these Kerbals to ascend into the stars, accomplishing scientific marvels never previously imagined imaginable.

All of this, at least, is true in the campaign mode, when contracts are completed to accumulate money and reputation. Naturally, these money are supposed to be used to push the limits of space research, but there’s nothing stopping you from simply building up your reserve pool of cash until you reach the coveted billionaire status.