Final Fantasy: Pixel Remasters

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5

Here are the top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 that you shouldn’t ignore.

The PlayStation 5 is one of the most advanced consoles ever to be released, wowing gamers with ray tracing, SSDs, and other impressive features that allow for true technological marvels. But, sometimes, a well-designed 2D game is just as fulfilling as a large triple-A title, and the PS5 has some fantastic games that stick to only two dimensions.

From side-scrolling platformers to top-down RPGs, 2D continues to be a fruitful endeavor for indie and major developers on the PS5. Whether these games originally released on the PS4 or are PS5 exclusives, they remind us of simpler times while being no less entertaining as a result.

10. Final Fantasy: Pixel Remasters

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 1

The first six Final Fantasy games are not only considered foundational JRPGs, but they are also regarded as among the best in the genre. And with Final Fantasy: Pixel Remasters, PS5 fans can finally experience these classics that live up to the quality of the originals.

Obviously, the stunning pixel-art graphics are the main attraction of these remakes, but there are also several quality-of-life improvements that make this the ultimate way to play Final Fantasy 1-6. Whether you’re a seasoned Final Fantasy fan or have never played these games before, the Pixel Remasters provide dozens of hours of retro JRPG excitement on your PlayStation 5.

9. Flipping Death

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 2

Flipping Death has you play as Penny, who, after dying herself, fills in for the role of Death in this quirky Pratchett-esque 2D puzzle-platformer. You can literally flip between the world of the living and the world of the dead, solving mysteries, exploring both dimensions and laying to rest the souls of those who have already passed on.

While the gameplay and writing of Flipping Death are stellar in their own right, its 2D arts-and-crafts visuals are simply beautiful and infuse both the living and dead worlds with a stack of personality. For a game all about death, there certainly isn’t anything rotten about the way it looks.

8. Mega Man 11

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 3

Mega Man 11 does a fantastic job celebrating the classic tropes of the series while still finding room to innovate after more than thirty years. The Double Gear system adds more strategy to the gameplay, and the new roster of Robot Masters are some of the best in the entire series.

The developers carried over this philosophy of mixing classic and modern ideas into Mega Man 11’s visuals. The 3D character models look terrific against the hand-drawn backgrounds, resulting in a Mega Man game that looks the part while still fully embracing the HD era.

7. Cuphead

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 4

What more is there to say about the visuals of Cuphead? Based on the old-timey cartoons of the twenties and thirties, there isn’t a single visual detail in Cuphead that doesn’t fully commit to its artistic theme, creating a game based on a look that’s a hundred years old that will still look fantastic in a hundred years’ time.

It also helps that Cuphead is a really solid run-and-gun shooter. The boss fights are the clear highlight, offering a significant challenge that never feels too unfair and brings an extreme level of satisfaction once you finally see that “Knockout” text appears on the screen.

6. Dead Cells

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 5

Developer Motion Twin had a stroke of genius when it decided to create a game that combine the repeatability of roguelikes with the non-linearity of metroidvanias. Dead Cells marries together both design philosophies to create a game that easily gets its hooks into you.

And if its gameplay doesn’t draw you in, then its hyper-detailed pixel art probably will. The visuals do a wonderful job of capturing the gritty look of the island while still finding the beauty in all the desolation that surrounds your journey.

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5. Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 6

The Wonder Boy games were among the most popular action-platformers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, thus the long-awaited comeback of this series, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, in 2018 was met with great anticipation. Fortunately, it lived up to the hype, providing a vibrant metroidvania brimming with color and imagination.

In terms of color and originality, Monster Boy remains one of the most visually appealing 2D games on the PlayStation 5. Each zone on the global map stands out for having its own distinct visual character, from the scorching appearance of the volcano to the dark atmosphere of the haunted house.

4. Undertale

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 7

Undertale’s 2D visuals embody the concept of “less is more.” While the game’s sprites and landscapes aren’t the most technically advanced, Toby Fox’s ability to extract so much personality from so little detail has earned them iconic status in both gaming and online culture.

Undertale’s subversive language and unique battle system set it apart as an RPG, while its morality system propels it to the top tier of independent games. Undertale, a 2D game created by a single person using RPG Maker, is far more than it appears.

3. Hollow Knight

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 8

Simply simply, Hollow Knight is one of the best metroidvanias on the PlayStation 5. It perfectly integrates a captivating mood, slick action, fascinating mythology, and amazing setting design to produce a 2D game that pushes itself well beyond its limits.

The dark surroundings and distinctive enemy designs compliment all of these other characteristics, resulting in a 2D game for the PS5 that looks and plays unlike anything else on the platform.

2. Celeste

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 9

Few other 2D platformers generate as many emotions from their story and characters as Celeste. Madeline’s struggle to climb Celeste Mountain is emotionally affecting, with adult explorations of worry, self-doubt, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable mental hurdles.

The 2D visuals and tight platforming convey these emotions by seamlessly transitioning between displays of frustration and success based on the narrative’s demands. Celeste is a fully three-dimensional emotional package presented in a stunning two-dimensional universe.

1. Sea Of Stars

Top 10 2D Games Available on PS5 - 10

Sea of Stars is a classic RPG throwback that aspires to stand with the greats rather than in their shadows. It accomplishes that ambitious ambition with an ethereal story about friendship, heightened by interesting playable characters and competent worldbuilding.

And then there’s Sea of Stars’ industry-leading pixel art, which captivates at every turn. With an exciting battle system and towering enemies, you get one of the best 2D games for the PS5.