Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4

Here are the full collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 that you shouldn’t ignore.

Time is a valuable commodity; our schedules are hectic, and while we strive to balance our love of gaming, life frequently throws itself at us and spills over into the limited free time we have. In these moments, jumping into a huge open-world adventure or clearing a backlog by completing a full day of gaming appears like a distant dream.

The PlayStation 4 catalogue provides a safe haven for consumers looking for quick gameplay sessions without sacrificing entertainment quality. So, whether you have half an hour before work or an hour to play with friends, the PS4 has you covered with a variety of casual games that cater to any situation.

Updated on January 23, 2024, by Calve Cowdry: If you’re ever in the need for a relaxing gaming session, then these casual PS4 games are right for you. With narratives that place you right at the heart of the characters you play, atmospheric soundtracks and stunningly beautiful worlds, we are reminded that gaming is all about relaxation by escaping from everyday reality.

11. Windbound

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 1

Windbound is a survival game that focuses mainly on maritime exploration. The game features amazing visuals and simple mechanics to ensure a pleasurable gameplay experience. While Windbound has harsher difficulties for those who enjoy a challenge, Story Mode allows you to explore the game at your leisure, taking in the magnificent countryside and soothing soundtrack.

With an average completion time of 14 hours, this is a title for individuals who desire a game that takes less time to complete but may be extended over several days. So, what are you waiting for? Build your own boat, cruise the seas, and become windbound.

10. Unravel

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 2

With an average completion length of eight hours, Unravel is ideal for casual gamers. The primary character, Yarny, can utilize his own yarn body to swing from things and build bridges as you guide him through numerous problems.

The narrative is what makes Unravel so fascinating. Without the use of words, the game relies mainly on visual storytelling in the form of photos to hint at prior memories unfolding before you. Unravel, with its stunning surroundings and emotive soundtrack, will melt your heart and twist knots in your stomach.

9. A Short Hike

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 3

A Short Hike is simply that: an hour and a half of sheer delight as you guide a little bird named Claire on her vacation to a tranquil island. Ideal for individuals who want to finish a game in one night but have limited time. You’ll tour a colorful island, speaking with various locals as you work your way to the mountain peak.

A soft soundtrack and pleasant gameplay allow you to participate in and learn tasks at your own speed while enjoying the relaxing ambiance produced by A Short Hike. The sentiments of enjoyment created by this game will not only relax you after a long day, but will also stay with you as a wonderful memory.

8. Fall Guys

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 4

Fall Guys stands out as a drop-in multiplayer game, with most games lasting little more than 10 minutes. This video game adaption of the 1980s TV show Takeshi’s Castle allows you to customize your character and participate in rounds of challenges on a game show, all with the goal of being the last one standing.

Fall Guys is also a great game to play with friends or family because of its lighthearted competitiveness and teamwork-based nature. Some rounds, you may be racing against them entirely on your own, but you may also be pushed into a team-based game, in which case you may be kicking their buttocks one minute and relying on them the next.

7. Journey

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 5

Journey takes you on a short yet emotionally charged journey through a wide desert environment. While you explore the globe on your own personal mission, the game offers a unique perspective on multiplayer interactions. If you come across another traveler throughout your voyage, contact is purposely limited. This implies no text or voice communication, and musical notes are the only way to engage.

Journey takes a basic narrative approach, allowing you to create your own interpretation of the plot. As you immerse yourself in this enthralling trip, the emotions of amazement, comprehension, and enigma become prominently linked, providing a one-of-a-kind and exquisite journey of personal discovery.

6. Among Us

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 6

Each Among Us game lasts only ten minutes, making it ideal for those with limited time but a desire to have multiple rounds of fun. While you may never trust your buddies again, Among Us is a game that works best in groups. Up to three out of ten players can be Imposters on the spacecraft, and it is their responsibility to sabotage or assassinate the Crewmates before they complete their missions.

When a body is discovered, the real fun begins, as your people skills are tested to see who is speaking the truth and who may be coming after you next. Unless you are the true Imposter here, of course.

5. Overcooked 2

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 7

Put on your chef’s hat and get ready for a fun, but incredibly stressful experience in a variety of bustling kitchens. Overcooked 2 requires a combination of communication, planning, and collaboration as you make meals for hungry customers within a limited time frame. If you survive the mayhem, you’ll be rewarded with even more confusion when you’re given new orders and pushed to think quickly.

Overcooked 2’s appeal stems from the overpowering realism of being a chef. The level really tests your expertise, and because each round is so brief, it’s ideal for casual gamers to jump in and out of, provided they can manage the stress.

4. The Sims 4

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 8

With a history spanning over 20 years, The Sims series has continued to be a great choice for casual players. In The Sims 4, you create their Sims’ appearance, personality, and aspirations. The game’s attention to customisation allows you to delve into your creativity and shape every facet of your Sims’ life.

As you help your Sims through various life stages, you encounter the challenges of satisfying your Sims’ needs, managing day-to-day routines, and building relationships with other virtual inhabitants. Sims can then acquire new skills, form connections, and even establish families. The gameplay in The Sims 4 offers a relaxed experience, allowing you to seamlessly guide your Sims while enjoying the expansive range of activities available in the game.

3. FireWatch

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 9

In Firewatch, you play as Henry, a fire lookout stationed in the Shoshone National Forest during the summer of 1989. You soon come to realise your only communication with the outside world is through a Walkie-Talkie with your supervisor, a woman named Delilah.

As you navigate the forested landscape, protecting the National Forest from fires, you will discover various points of interest, solve puzzles, and engage in emotionally charged conversations with your only companion. There’s an emotional depth of narrative that comes with Firewatch, and when coupled with its stunning visuals and calming soundtrack, it’s a game that certainly shouldn’t be missed.

2. Minecraft

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 10

Minecraft is the epitome of opening up your creative mindset. From exploring the landscape to building fascinating architecture, or just unwinding with friends, there are endless amounts you can do in-game. For casual players, Creative Mode allows you the freedom to go at your own leisurely pace without the constraints of survival. There are also no caps on resources, which means you can immerse yourself in the artistic world and come up with some fabulous creations.

Minecraft also has a large community, meaning, if you’re just looking for a game where you can interact with others, and take inspiration from their creations, you can. Who knows, you might even start a small community and build an entire city of your own.

1. Stardew Valley

Discover the collection of 11 captivating casual games available on PS4 - 11

More than just a typical farming game, Stardew Valley will have you fishing, mining, and foraging for resources. Most of the gameplay is centred around transforming a rundown farm and connecting with your fellow villagers. In building these connections, you will form special relationships with them, and there’s even the possibility of finding love.

Stardew Valley’s charm comes from its pixel art style, relaxing soundtrack, and easy-to-grasp controls, making it perfect for casual players. With so much at your disposal to accomplish, and the fact you can do it all at your own leisurely pace, Stardew Valley is a must-play game, not just for casual gamers, but for anyone.