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Top 9 Games That Make Fun Of You For Being An Extrovert

The full list of the top 9 games that make fun of you for being an extrovert will be shown in the post below.

Regardless of how well it fits your playstyle, everyone can appreciate the completionist’s perspective. I mean, don’t you want to experience everything that something you love has to offer? In order to do this, you can invest hundreds of hours—or even hundreds of dollars—in looking for something that has never been seen before. And for the glorious, glorious right to boast that you are one hundred percent.

Because they are aware of this, developers occasionally incorporate in-game gags meant to irritate completionists. These games are enjoyable for players who are prepared to expend all the time and effort necessary to uncover every last secret a game has to offer, from goofy dialogue lines to ridiculous quests.

9. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto Vice City knows that the game can get a little goofy at times, and this final reward is no different. This t-shirt, dubbed the Frankie costume, is the cherry on top, but you get more when you finish the game.

What more could you want, after all, than to have your accomplishment emblazoned on your character’s chest? This accomplishment, which also riffs on a traditional memento, presumes that completionists are at least mildly conceited about their accomplishment.

8. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

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Any completionist already knows that Bruce Campbell’s narration in Spider-Man 2 is a lot of fun. Hint markers are discrete, informational snippets scattered throughout the game. You receive ten hero points for each of these, and Bruce Campbell reads out any information while frequently cracking jokes.

He claims at one point that he will say something different for each hint marker if you discover them all. Bruce Campbell says precisely what he said if you follow through and locate them all. Something distinct.

7. We Love Katamari

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A completionist’s paradise, this adorable game has you controlling a small prince who is trying to gather various items into a large ball. One of the most tiresome missions in We Love Katamari is gathering one million roses. You will be collecting various items for your father, The King of All Cosmos.

When you accomplish this, your father says he’s impressed at first, but then he calls it a “pointless exercise.” This is a backhanded compliment, even though you are rewarded for finishing it. particularly from the individual who initially requested that you complete the task!

6. The Binding Of Issac: Rebirth

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When the game begins begging you to quit playing, you realize you might need to take a quick break. As stated in the achievement description, “Just Stop” requires you to “collect every item in the game, unlock all secrets and endings, and complete the bestiary.” The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth then determines that was asking for too much.

There are other jokes in the game, but only those who are genuinely interested will discover this one. Despite the obvious indication that you’ve played for much too long, it’s kind of pleasant to have the game pleading with you for forgiveness.

5. Yakuza 0

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Unfortunately, games will always contain some accomplishments that serve as jokes, frustrating completionists everywhere. In Yakuza 0, adding this embarrassing item to your collection is necessary if you want to unlock every achievement.

The game takes a minute to mock you even if it shows you committing real crimes. For example, if you let Kiryu pause his investigations to watch an explicit video, the game will make fun of you. The title’s self-awareness is what distinguishes this accomplishment from others of a similar nature. Challenging the completionist to defend themselves, the reward is named ‘…I did everything for the trophy.’

4. Far Cry 6

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One of the basics you learn early in playing games is that there are a lot of hidden treasures tucked away at the farthest reaches of open-world games. This incentivizes you to try to go as far as possible in search of discovering something new. With this in mind, Far Cry 6 gives you that option in the form of keys to a boat to Miami. If you’re a completionist, you might be tempted to see where that takes you.

If you use them, the game does let you leave the island and head off to Miami. When you do this, the game ends. There’s a three-month time skip that leads to a cinematic where you’re relaxing on the beach as the newscaster announces the defeat of the Libertads, clearly designed to make you feel guilty for getting this secret ending.

3. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

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There are multiple challenges in Breath of the Wild that will take completionists a hot minute to get all the way through, like finding and completing all the shrines and finding all the Korok seeds. There are 120 shrines in the game, and you get the classic Link outfit complete with floppy cap.

There are also 900 Korok seeds in the game, and you get… well. The reward for going through all that trouble is a literal pile of poop. And it doesn’t even do anything.

2. Undertale

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This indie game famously remembers the actions that you took in past runs, and it uses them to influence your experiences moving forward. If you truly want to experience everything Undertale has to offer, you’re going to have to eventually take the genocide route. That means killing every single living thing in the game.

Where the game is unique, however, is that it won’t let you simply take this route without any consequences in your replays. As part of the game’s message about violence, getting this ending one time will taint all endings after: in other words, not letting you get away with it.

1. The Stanley Parable

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The Stanley Parable trolls you for just about everything you can do in the game, and completionists aren’t safe. In fact, they’re the main target of this game’s mockery. Because the game has so many endings, you’d think you’d be forgiven for trying to get them all. The near omnipresent narrator attempting to guide your experience, however, disagrees.

The more you go off the path he’s set looking to get every ending, the more frustrated he becomes. For example, if you spend long enough in a broom closet in search of hearing every scrap of dialogue possible, he eventually sarcastically gives you a fake ending.