Top 8 great board game apps to play with friends right now

Social distancing isn’t just about avoiding public places like restaurants or bars. It’s also about avoiding any kind of gathering. And for board game fans that means we have to sit inside our own homes for hours and hours instead of sitting in our friend’s home for hours and hours. Here are 8 board game apps to play with friends right now

Chwazi Finger Chooser

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What are some good game apps to play with friends? Choosing who goes first in a game or splitting a group into teams has never been easier or more fun than with the Chwazi Finger Chooser app. With Chwazi, everyone just places a finger on the phone or tablet screen and the app randomly selects one finger. It’s like drawing straws, but using technology!Alternatively, you can have the app choose more than one finger and eliminate someone. There’s also an option for creating groups. Chwazi says they can support up to 32 fingers at one time, but you might be limited to the number of simultaneous inputs your phone or device can handle.

Download Chwazi Finger Chooser: Android & iOS


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A card-game offshoot of a highly popular deduction game, Coup sees two to four players face off to out-bluff and out-smart one another in a merciless melee of deceit and assassination. The game begins as each player is randomly dealt two face-down character cards from a deck of 15 cards that contains five different characters. Play moves clockwise as players collect money, pay that money to kill their opponents, or take the special ability of one of their face-down cards (for example, the Duke lets you snatch extra money).

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Small World 2

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Small World is one of favorite board game apps to play with friends. It’s also one of the best looking. You compete with different fantasy races, all with their own skills and weakness. The game forces every player to be active participants, and there’s plenty of room for spite attacks. But as much as we love the physical version the game might be even better digital. It’s easier to keep track of legal moves, points, and how many tokens are still on the board. The updated version also has new player maps. You can play “in real-time or turn-by-turn, with friends and strangers from the world over, or “solo against up to four built-in AI.” And you can also do pass-and-play if you only have one device but lots of you are stuck in the same house.

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Sea Battle 2

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This is one of the best board game apps to play with friends. Don’t let anyone sink your battleship! This reimagining of the classic game lets you play against AI, a random online opponent, or the person sitting next to you. It goes beyond mere battleships to include planes, radar, mines, and submarines.All the while, you climb the ranks from a lowly recruit to an admired admiral. Name your proud fleet, watch your scores on the global leaderboard, and use the in-app chat feature to discuss strategy. There are also arenas, gameplay over Bluetooth with friends, tournaments, and the choice between classic and advanced game modes.

Download Sea Battle 2: Android & iOS

Tsuro – The Game of the Path

Tsuro is an extraordinarily simple game, where your aim is to keep a diminutive dragon token on the board longer than your opponents. Each single-move turn consists of selecting and placing tiles with squiggly tracks in front of your dragon, and then scooting the token along the path. You’ll lose if it shoots off the side of the game board or rams into another dragon. Winning the game requires a special mix of foresight, planning, and sheer luck.Quick, elegant, and endlessly replayable, I have spent more time playing Tsuro than any other game on my phone.

Download Tsuro – The Game of the Path: Android & iOS


The 2014 Spiel des Jahres nominee, the engine-building card-based game remains one of our absolute favorites. It’s not hard to learn, but it’s not easy to master. Players compete as rich Renaissance merchants who buy and manage precious gems. It’s incredibly re-playable and also incredibly addictive. The app version is a faithful recreation, and offers “solo mode, pass and play, and online multiplayer (2 to 4 players).” But it also comes with an exclusive game mode, Challenges, “based on historical events and anecdotes of the 15th and 16th centuries.”

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Okay, this might be a little too on-the-nose for current events, but at least a fictional global health crisis can be fun. Especially when you get to play a skilled disease-fighting team trying to save the world from deadly diseases like in Pandemic. This fun co-op game assigns everyone of the two to four players a different role as they try to stop outbreaks across the globe. You can also play solo and assume multiple roles. The digital version also has three difficulty settings: beginners, intermediate, and expert. And with expansions you can add roles and a fifth player. Which is ideal, cause these days we can all use a little extra help fighting a deadly disease.

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Le Havre

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Welcome to Le Havre, where you compete to become the richest, Frenchiest seaside oligarch of them all. You’ll construct ships, import cattle, smelt iron, bake your baguettes, and feed your beret’d dockworkers (after all, their children need wine).At its core, Le Havre is a streamlined but extremely heavy game of sheer economic calculation. Think of it as a more intense version to Agricola; longer, tougher and with more choices. Yes, you can learn it in under an hour, but it will take you weeks before you’re playing the game with any serious aptitude.

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These are the list of board game apps to play with friends which you can’t afford to miss. So, go ahead and add all these game on your favorite list and enjoy right now!