All Biggest Games Of 2021 Gamers Will Need To Know

All Biggest Games Of 2021 Gamers Will Need To Know

2021 will be a year of a lot of big hit games, so in this article, let’s look at the biggest games of 2021 with the DLAPK blog.

We will list down the the top upcoming games of 2021 that will shape your mood, so please read this list of the biggest games of 2021 from beginning to the end to not miss out on any interesting game.

Horizon Forbidden West

Opening of this list is one of the most anticipated video games of 2021 on PS5, Horizon Forbidden West. This time, we will continue to accompany Alloy to explore the rest of Earth where has a bunch of dangerous machines. Just like its name, the game will take Alloy to the most mysterious, remote region of San Francisco. This will be a potential candidate for the Game of the year 2021 award.

Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, gamers will be immersed in a chaotic, theatrical world of a modern guerrilla revolution. In this part, the game will take place in a beautiful country named Yara, where you will play a patriotic citizen fight against the dominant of the tyrant. Far Cry 6 is considered to be the largest world in all Far Cry series as of present. The game will definitely have a lot of things for gamers to discover.

Kena: Bridge of Spirit

Kena: Bridge of Spirit follows the footstep of a young girl named Kena, who is the guidance of spirits to the afterlife world. To complete this difficult mission, Kena has confronted a lot of different enemies and even asked for other creatures’ help. Come to the game, we will get lost in the beautiful fairyland, and join in a lot of dangerous but fascinating encounters with Kena.

God of War: Ragnarok

Although there isn’t any official announcement, fans of terminator Kratos have the right to hope in a new part of this blockbuster series released in 2021. In this part, we predict Kratos will continue to be stuck in the clash of Northern Gods. God of War: Ragnarok is expected to be a multidimensional open world that is produced elaborate and beautifully by Sony.

Hogwart Legacy

Through the years, fans of Harry Potter have been craving to have an adventure open world game taken in the context of this famous novel. And now fans don’t have to wait much longer as Warner Bros planned to release a game inspired by J. K. Rowling’s famous novel. Hogwart Legacy is known to be an RPG in which gamers will design their own characters and learn magic at Hogwart in the 1800s. The game producer teased out that in this open-world game, you will be able to discover not only every corner of Hogwart but also the magical world of Harry Potter.


Chorus is a shooting game set place in space. In the game, we will play as Lara, a skilled warrior, and a fugitive of a denomination. She possesses a sentient ship and controls a deadly superpower that can’t destroy anyone to stop her way.

Blizzard North hasn’t announced the Diable IV official release date yet. But the developer of this action RPG published a gameplay clip and received a lot of optimistic responses from fans. Hopefully, with this announcement, we will get our hand in this game in 2021.

Ghost Wire: Tokyo

Ghost Wire Tokyo is an action-adventure game that happens in Tokyo when almost all the citizens mysteriously disappeared. Then, evil spirits from other worlds invade and dominate the city. At that moment, the player-controlled protagonist reveals a superpower when fighting against the city-haunted spirits. With strange gameplay, and developed by The Evil Within publisher, Ghost Wire Tokyo will definitely deserve to look forward in 2021

Resident Evil Village

Finally, the closing to the list of the biggest games of 2021 is a sequel of a blockbuster horror game from Capcom, we have Resident Evil Village. In this part, 2 main characters Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield from the previous will return. In season 8 of the big hit series, Ethan’s life will continue to be turned upside down when he lost in a mysterious village. This sequel will absolutely make gamers around the world get ants in pants. Let’s hope Resident Evil Village will accomplish outstanding achievements like its predecessor.