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5 Best Lego Fortnite Tips for Newcomers

Here are the top 5 Lego Fortnite tips that will set you off to a solid start in the new Epic Games title and help you survive longer.

Epic Games’ latest expansion offering, Lego Fortnite, has attracted millions of gamers from the start. Fortnite fans excitedly awaited its arrival, only to learn that it is a far cry from the famous Battle Royale. With new mechanics, this open-world setting may feel a little strange to some. But don’t worry, we’ve got the top 5 Lego Fortnite tips to help you manage the hurdles that this brand-new survival game throws at you.

5 Best Lego Fortnite Tips for Newcomers

Here are the best Lego Fortnite tips that you should know before starting the game:

1. Stay Away From Early Combats As Much As You Can

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When you first start the game, resist the impulse to swing that axe at anything moving. Playing lumberjack may sound fun, but it will attract a lot of attention from the surrounding fauna, and some of them are just waiting for an opportunity to pounce on you. Without powerful firepower, you’ll have no chance against larger beasts. These monsters, unlike you, are extremely tough to harm. As a result, staying out of danger is the best plan. When attacked, it is better to evade or sprint rather to engage in combat.

2. Be Smart With Resource Management

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You must also be resourceful in your resource management. There is no need to rush around chopping trees or mining at the start of the game. When exploring, you can collect wood and stone from the ground. Early on, avoid crafting an axe or pickaxe because they require a lot of materials, which are difficult to come by. Remember that these items have a limited lifespan and will most likely fail later in the game when you need them the most.

3. Don’t Explore In the Dark

We believe that one of the greatest Lego Fortnite recommendations for beginners is to head home or warm up around a campfire as soon as the sun goes down. Because there is no way to skip on to the morning, you must survive nightfall in the game. Scary creatures are only one of the dangers to beware of as the sun sets. Survival will be extremely difficult when temps drop. When your body becomes chilly, you will lose hit points.

4. Stay Around NPCs

Don’t be a solo wanderer when you are roaming around in the Lego Fortnite world. It’s best to hang out with NPCs, who will help you collect resources and even save you from baddies if they have the right tools at their disposal. You can split your workload with them and craft things much faster. With greater numbers, fighting off threats, collecting resources, and utilizing them to make buildings and other crafts becomes easier. Teamwork makes the dream work!

5. Follow The Light (With Caution)

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Like that famous Coldplay song, lights will guide you home in Lego Fortnite as well, but you should exercise proper caution. Keep an eye on those colorful lights in the sky; they unveil loot locations. Follow the trail, and you will get rewarded, but as in most treasure adventures, you must be prepared to fight dangers along the way.

You should stay alert for the creatures around the trail, which might come charging when they sense your presence. Try to maintain a safe distance from other animals when following the lights. Eventually, you will stumble upon a chest or a bursting LEGO Llama full of loot. Just make sure you’ve got space in your inventory, or you might miss out on some valuable stuff.