Ace Attorney Trilogy

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better?

Uncover the truth in these challenging detective games

Deductive reasoning is a key component in every puzzle game worth your time; some of the best applications on the Play Store offer difficulties that require the user to figure things out for themselves. There are traditional match-3 apps that reward spatial awareness, inventive hidden object games that test your observation abilities, and detective games that test both. Our finest detective games aren’t just about solving puzzles and uncovering clues; they’re also rich in ambiance and have compelling plots that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Even the less powerful members of the high-performance Android game phone family will have no trouble running these incredible adventures, with even the most challenging detective apps being quite low-key in terms of graphics intensity. Continue reading for AP’s selection of the finest detective games and immerse yourself in some fantastic environments, tales, riddles, and personalities.

1. Ace Attorney Trilogy

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 1

Ace Attorney Trilogy is a collection of the first three games in the legendary series. You play as Phoenix Wright, a new lawyer entrusted with defending his clients in court while gathering evidence in search of the truth. To say this series is unique is an understatement; it combines criminal trials, which are typically dry and uninteresting, with dramatic anime-style flair and exciting gameplay to keep you on your toes. The gameplay consists on accurately answering questions and reacting to developments in the trial in a timely and sensible manner.

The tutorial is particularly entertaining, demonstrating these gameplay principles through questions posed to Phoenix in court while she is extremely scared and continually panicking. Going in as a fan of the best anime games can help, and if you embrace the ridiculousness on exhibit, you will be drawn into its universe, its characters, and enjoyable gameplay. There’s nothing wrong with this.

2. Layton: Curious Village in HD

You’ve probably heard of the Layton series, but if you haven’t, here’s a primer. Professor Layton is a puzzle adventure series that follows the titular Layton, a retired archeologist and private investigator who travels with his student Luke. Their experiences are spread throughout numerous games, and Layton: Curious Village in HD is a remaster of the original.

You arrive in a town to solve the mystery of a mysterious murder and a hidden treasure, an issue that can only be solved by solving puzzles. The remaster retains the original’s appealing visual design and soundtrack, as well as the intriguing and humorous characters and even some unique sequences created just for it.

Everything that made the original gameĀ 

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 2

so popular has been successfully adapted to the mobile platform; longstanding fans will undoubtedly enjoy a nostalgic trip as well as a challenge. You shouldn’t sleep on this one; it’s worth a shot.

3. Duskwood – Detective Story

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 3

Duskwood – Detective Story is an interactive crime story about the search for a missing girl. The initial display is comparable to The Healing, a game that employs similar immersive gameplay by imitating a real group chat software, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Characters are introduced into the discussion in a scripted manner, and you are offered options for your participation to the conversation, with the tale adjusting to your responses. While unnerving, games like Duskwood – Detective Story are undeniably unique, scary, and worth a try because to their superb immersion.

4. Jekyll & Hyde

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 4

Jekyll & Hyde is a visual novel-style detective game that adapts the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde into a mobile gaming genre. The player is guided through a beautiful and dramatic reenactment of the novel, peppered with riddles that demand true deductive talent to solve in order to proceed.

Investigate the environs for hints about possible combinations, locations, and solutions. Because the program believes you know what’s going on in its exposition sections, some familiarity of the book may be helpful. If you like your detective games to be largely story-driven, Jekyll and Hyde is worth a look, especially if you appreciate Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella.

5. Escape Game – The Psycho Room

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 5

The Psycho Room Escape Game begins far less intensely than its title suggests, with you standing in front of a locked door with nothing but the simple chore of figuring out how to open it. To do so, you must search the room for inventory items, code combinations, and code breakers while also finding out how to operate a conveniently positioned little robot.

While the presentation and functionality are rather basic, Escape Game – The Psycho Room fulfills all of the requirements of the detective concept. You are given a room to escape by figuring out how to do so. Nice and simple, but most importantly, enjoyable.

6. I am innocent

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 6

I am Innocent begins with a significantly more intense chat simulator discussion that is devoid of explanation or context. A TellTales The Walking Dead-style prompt to signal whether a connection is improving or not, as well as many one-on-one talks (rather than group chats), are notable distinguishing features.

This means that there will be a lot more exposition in very long strings, so be sure you enjoy reading because this game thinks you do. Yes, your dialogue choices influence how characters interact with you and with one another, providing a lot of replay value to explore how things could and will turn out differently. The level of tension that this game style can effortlessly develop has enormous promise. Recommended.

7. White Night

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 7

White Night is a puzzle-adventure game with themes of isolation and creeping paranoia, in which you explore a pitch-black abandoned house with nothing but a lighter. This game evokes that classic noir detective feel, combined with a striking black-and-white art style and constant narration, creating a tense, unnerving atmosphere straight away. Getting into gameplay, the slightly janky movement controls and fixed camera angles reminded me starkly of the early Resident Evil’s, as does searching environments for inventory items that enable progress, all with a creeping paranoia that you aren’t alone. Classic survival horror stuff that takes advantage of the fear of darkness to give you the creeps.

8. Detective Max: Mystery Games

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 8

Detective Max: Mystery Games places you into a deserted high school with the task of uncovering a murder. The initial loneliness of the environment is quite unnerving, a usually communal area empty except for you. This game is admittedly slow to start, but once things get going, you’ll find that it does not hold back on deduction mechanics. The puzzles are complex and require a great deal of thought to solve. Randomly tapping on things won’t get you through this one. That fact does make Detective Max: Mystery Games’ enjoyment factor a bit subjective, but if you want a detective game that doesn’t hold your hand, this is for you.

9. Nobodies: Murder Cleaner

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 9

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner is a deductive point-and-click adventure but from the perspective of someone attempting to clean a crime scene up before the cops arrive.

You play as an employee of a secret anti-terrorist organization, tasked with leaving areas as you found them, clean, innocent, and as non-murdery as possible. It’s a unique and effective bit of context that adds a great incentive to be as thorough as possible in your cleaning endeavors. However, despite the more sinister details and end goal of the game’s puzzles, the basic gameplay is classic point-and-click, albeit tense, with the added spice of not explicitly being the good guy.

The puzzles themselves are challenging enough, and veterans will find them tricky but enjoyable. The game looks great and keeps the tension going until the end. This one cleans up nicely.

10. The Vigil Files: case 1

Top 10 Detective Games in 2024: Which is Better? - 10

As a legit detective story, The Vigil Files goes the extra mile in terms of authenticity. Players are placed into a thrilling narrative and must use their in-game hacking skills to find clues and answer questions. This game can feel intense given the demanded attention to detail and strong resemblance to real ethical hacking. The Vigil Files doesn’t hold back either, this isn’t a detective game to be played casually, so you’ll need your wits about you to succeed here. This is a rabbit hole well worth diving into, with a plethora of twists, shockers, and nail-biting conversations; all driven by the player’s detective prowess.

Enjoy the best detective games on Android

There’s a lot of variety in the detective game genre, with any tone or context being viable so long as the element of mystery is present and compelling. You have horrific, comedic, charming, and excitingly adventurous games all in this roundup alone, and there are so many more awesome deductive titles that play great on the best Android gaming tablets.