Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? – P2

The Oculus Quest’s free games include a range of experiences, including platforming, horror, and 3D painting. In Part 2 of the top free games for The Oculus Quest, let’s explore the potential games to play right now.

Gods Of Gravity

Control The Cosmos

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The space game Gods of Gravity has a lot of original twists. First of all, you are in space and have authority over celestial bodies, such the sun. It’s a very exciting experience since, after sending ships there, you can control planets and other stuff.

You can even compete with your pals to see who can control the greatest number of celestial objects. The nicest thing about Gods of Gravity is that it takes place mostly in space. Since there aren’t many free Oculus Quest games that transport you there, this is a special experience you should try.

Harvest VR

Casual Real-Time Farming

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Where there are indie games, there are farming games. The two have gradually become ubiquitous over the years. And with how easy it is to develop for the Quest, this platform is no exception. While there aren’t a ton of options out there, Harvest VR manages to be both one of the best farming games in VR, while also being free on the Oculus store. Plant seeds, grow crops, tend to farm animals go mining, fishing, cooking; your options are surprisinly expansive.

It’s not an incredibly refined experience, but it has content to keep you occupied. Development for the game has ended, so what you get is what you will always get. But for this price tag (free), we can’t complain. It’s available via the Oculus Store App Lab, so be sure to search for the game’s full name.

Gun Raiders

A Multiplayer Shooter Akin To Halo

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Gun Raiders is one of the best first-person shooters on the Oculus Quest, so you’ll be glad to hear that it’s free to play from the start. There are four different game modes for you to choose from, including Team Deathmatch and Free For All, so you can play solo or with a group of other players.

If you like standard FPS games, then you’re sure to love Gun Raiders and everything in it. Additionally, updates are still released for this game, so you’ll never become bored with the endless content they have in store for the future.


Who Can Say No To A Free Drink?

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Elixir is a one-of-a-kind experience like nothing else you’ll see on the Oculus Quest or elsewhere. Although it’s a fairly short experience, it’s fun to play since it throws you into an unknown world where you have to experiment with all sorts of different things.

From mixtures to dragons, there’s no telling what you’ll encounter before you enter the world of Elixir and experience it for yourself, so prepare for everything magical. Although Elixir is short compared to other games on the Oculus Quest, you’ll likely want to experience it a few times due to how much fun it is to play.

Horizon Worlds

Find Other Link Minded VR Fans

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Horizon Worlds is a hub for you to interact with other players socially. You can travel to different places, play fun games, and meet people that you’d never interact with in the real world. With so many different places to visit and people to meet, it’s difficult to get tired of a game like this.

If that wasn’t enough, you can even create your own locations within Horizon Worlds, which your friends can then visit. VR social spaces are becoming more popular by the day, and Horizon Worlds is one of the best you can play on the Oculus Quest; plus it’s completely free.

First Steps

Another Meta-Approved Experience

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While not the longest experience, First Steps is one of the more refined free Oculus Games for the Quest. Developed by Oculus themselves, this is a showcase of sorts, highlighting what the headset and controllers are capable of. It’s secretly a tutorial, in a sense, helping you become familiar with some commonly used mechanics in other games, like throwing, shooting a weapon, and using your hands to interact with objects around you.

It’s easy to get into, fun to play around in, and has a colorful and aesthetically pleasing art style. This makes it one of the best games to have friends or family try when they are interested in experiencing VR for the first time since it showcases a variety of functions. So while you may not get too much replayability from it, keeping it around for guests is a great idea.

You may also like:

Epic Roller Coasters

Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 19

Most people like Roller Coasters, so it’s no surprise that theme-park rides have become a popular genre for virtual reality. However, not every theme-park game works well, but you won’t have any problems with Epic Roller Coasters. The rides are fun, and there are even targets to shoot at throughout the maps.

You only have access to a few maps in the free version of Epic Roller Coasters; however, they’re more than enough to give you a taste of what Roller Coasters feel like in virtual reality. If you enjoy the game, then you can purchase more tracks. However, you can also keep riding the same few tracks over again. If you get motion sick easily, then you may want to avoid Epic Roller Coasters.

Vegas Infinite

Some Casual, Lighthearted Gambling

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 20

If you enjoy playing poker in the real world, then Vegas Infinite is the perfect getaway from reality for a few hours. Not only can you play poker virtually, but there are also lots of props you can use to keep things fun as you play.

There are many environments, including a volcano, space station, castle, and many more. If you want to play poker online in virtual reality, then Vegas Infinite is the game for you, and it’s free-to-play. The objects also have realistic physics, which makes the experience even more immersive.

Rec Room

Like Summer Camp Without Rules

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If you have a lot of friends and want to meet together in a virtual play space, then Rec Room offers an immersive experience with lots of rooms and games. Each room allows you to move around and interact with objects, so there’s always something to do.

If you get bored of hanging out in one of the many meeting environments, then you can play a plethora of unique mini-games, many of which are high-quality games. Games like Laser Tag help keep Rec Room fresh, even after you’ve played it for a long time. There aren’t many social games on the Oculus Quest headset, so Rec Room fills an important role, especially since it’s a free experience.


Chill Out With Some Fishing

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 22

Bait is a free leisure fishing game that you can play on an Oculus Quest. The mechanics in Bait aren’t revolutionary, but they are solid and provide a superb experience if you enjoy fishing. Fishing in virtual reality feels similar to real life, and the environments are beautiful, so you’ll never want to leave this water paradise.

There are four lakes in total, and they each have different fish to catch, so there’s a lot to do before you can fully complete Bait. For the best free fishing game on the Oculus Quest, try Bait; it won’t disappoint you.

Gorilla Tag

A Childhood Classic, Reimagined As Primates

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In Gorilla Tag, you can play tag with other players; however, a special feature sets Gorilla Tag apart from similar VR games. Instead of using a joystick or other similar button to move around, you need to use your arms to move through the environment. This mechanic is difficult at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature.

There are objects throughout the environment that you can climb using your arms to escape from the player chasing you. Gorilla Tag is a great example of innovative motion controllers fitting perfectly into a virtual reality game. Gorilla Tag is still in the experimental stages, so you may encounter bugs while playing it.


Complete Unpredictability In A Social Format

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 24

If you like Rec Room, then you’ll also love VR Chat. VR Chat is an online social space that you can experience in virtual reality on the Oculus Quest; however, it’s also available on other video game platforms as a non-VR game. You can play with people on PC, so it’s perfect if you have friends that own a different VR headset.

The games you can play inside VR Chat vary over many genres; however, there’s something for everyone in this game, even if you simply want to hang out in a virtual reality space and chat with your friends. Since VR Chat is free, you can play it immediately after getting an Oculus Quest without any extra charges.