Top 5 Android Christmas gaming events in 2023

Get in the holiday spirit with these festive mobile game events

On the Play Store, the holiday season is in full swing, with a plethora of wonderful games celebrating the season with Christmas-themed activities. Some Christmas festivities are overt and embrace the traditional symbolism.

Others, on the other hand, celebrate with more reserved winter motifs that are more anchored in their individual surroundings. These Christmas-themed events are intended to bring together existing and new gamers to celebrate with some fantastic extra stuff. Here are our favorites that stand out from the pack, giving high-quality winter themes that everyone can enjoy while playing on this year’s hardware.

1. Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble brings the classic real-time strategy gameplay from the early Warcraft PC titles to the mobile platform. Assemble a team of varied classes and exploit their unique abilities to overcome any enemies or bosses that get in your way. Warcraft Rumble offers more than its fair share of winter-themed events, bringing new missions, items, cosmetics, and rewards to those who play in December.

From December 12th to January 2nd, users can access the Midwinter Blight event – a substantial addition that provides new chilling quests, enemies, weapon skins, and items to discover. The event can be accessed by speaking to Gileon, the bard in Kyovashad, granting users the opportunity to decorate Midwinter Square for the holidays. The event is pretty dark for a winter holiday celebration, but it’s unique for that and fits into its world very nicely.

Towards the end of the year, players with 25 or more sigils can claim bonus items and XP. This rewards long-standing players with some free holiday goodies, as well as great deals for the holidays.

2. Final Fantasy vii: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy vii: Ever Crisis’s Christmas event charmingly commits to the bit, providing a new mission event running right up to Christmas day that stars a gingerbread character stealing presents from the main cast. This mission can be accessed fairly early in a casual playthrough, granting additional rewards for participation, including battle score and exclusive weaponry.

The event seems pretty cheesy on the face of it, essentially giving players a Final Fantasy Christmas special, but it’s appealingly substantial and provides plenty of incentive to come back.

3. COD Mobile

The explosive action and tough game types of Call of Duty Mobile have been upgraded by its season 11 Siren Song winter event, which has added a slew of new features to the app, including new weapons, cosmetics, skins, a new map, and a new character class. Miami Blitz, a brand-new multiplayer map equipped with Christmas trees and festive lighting, is available to players. Climb the ranks to obtain the special misdirection class, which rewards distraction and diversion.

Tier 21 grants access to the Groza assault rifle, an excellent all-around rapid-fire weapon in terms of fire rate, ammo capacity, and attack damage; all of this and more is available for free until tier 50. Season 11 hits a solid mix between overt Christmas theming and true gameplay enhancement, and if you enjoy rank growth, you’ll enjoy it.

4. Genshin Impact

This Christmas, Genshin Impact’s colorful ensemble of characters is getting a makeover, with enhanced drop rates, new missions, and novel battle modes. Twilight Arbiter, Azure Excursion, and Epitome Evocation events boost the drop rates for two exclusive five-star characters and weapons, as well as a slew of four-star characters and weapons.

For explorer level 20 participants, the Lil Fungi’s Fun-Tastic Fiesta event introduces new challenges and rewards, while the Ley Line Overflow celebration provides opportunity for double reward drop rates. The astounding amount of holiday expansions in Genshin Impact feel fitting and joyous, focusing on in-game prizes in exchange for participation but never losing its trademark flair and high quality.

5. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is wrapping out the Christmas season with some winter-themed activities, items, and incentives. Completing chores such as fetch missions, exploration tasks, and farming quotas will grant the player cookies, a specific item that grants access to seasonal rewards. Winter-themed decorations and fittings for both interior and exterior customizing will become accessible as December continues, providing players with a compelling reason to return.

This addition focuses entirely on the comfort side of the colder months, with a plethora of new and rare customisable clothing, accessories, and furniture, as well as plenty of activities to keep things interesting.

Enjoy these Christmas celebrations while they last!

Our favorite picks for Christmas events are available on some awesome games, but there are plenty more brilliant apps that push the boundaries of what seasonal events can achieve. While not all winter-themed expansions are temporary, the majority will only be around for a limited time; and who knows when they’ll be back? There’s no time to lose, check these amazing events out and get some Christmas cheer on your new Android gaming phone!