Top 7 best game hacking apps for iOS | iOS game hack tool

These are the best game hacking apps for iOS that allow you to enable cheats in your games, get unlimited money, gems, health ect in both online and offline games alike. Most of these apps will only work with a jailbreak, but some will work with no jailbreak on your iOS device.


It is an exciting free game hack app for iPhone to hack popular games. It works by successfully mimicking the purchase process in offline apps thus allowing users to get games free of charge. You will find that these days most games online can be downloaded for free but the additional exciting features in them come at a fee. This is where CreeHack comes in, it works to copy the purchase process for the game’s features allowing you to get the game’s premium features for free.

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It is a good game hacking app that will help take you to a whole new level of free games on your iOS device. With it, gaming on your iPhone will be one last time that is affordable and characterized by lots of fun


Freedom is yet another game hacker app download for iOS that will help you to enjoy several games for free. If you have played games you understand how Donut can become a nuisance to you. Basically, the game developers usually insert ‘sticks in the wheel’ to work against players who don’t use in-game purchases. Now, Freedom works by fighting on your behalf against Donut.

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Using this app is quite easy thanks to its user-friendly interface allowing for easy navigation by users. Because the interface of the app is in the dark theme all of its texts are presented in shades of white.


DL APK app is one of the game hacker apk free download of 2020. And if you want to hack both Android apps and games then it can help you to hack both of them. DL APK App will help you efficiently. As many users do not have an International Credit Card or Google Wallet to pay for premium features of any android app or game, in this case, this app can help you purchase the premium features or tools from PlayStore for free.


This is one of the best iOS game hack tool 2020 and this app lets the users hack into the system of any games in order to increase the points and scores easily. It is a universal way to cheat the games in an easy way without having to look for specific mods or tools online..

iOS Game Mods

Modded games are without a doubt the most powerful cheating method on iOS right now and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Mods are in essence games that have been decompiled by a pro, they then coded cheats directly into the game script and recompiled the app. – What you end up with is a modified version of the game or “Game Mod” that comes with cheats already enabled from the second you start up the game. All you need to run this kind of app is a jailbreak, download and start playing. However, finding these mods in your average search engine is near impossible, as there are tons of fakes, spam and survey scams. We recommend using HackerBot FreeFinder instead to find game mods.

Game Killer

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It is an iOS game hack tool no jailbreak that is ideal for hacking almost any game on iOS. Once it has been installed on your device, you don’t have to worry anymore about in-game restrictions. Those pesky donations offered by game developers won’t come in your anymore with the app installed on your iOS device. You can get all those premium features of the games all for free without much ado. Just remember that you got to have root-rights for this application to work perfectly on your iOS device.


This game hacking app is more popular amongst Android users but don’t think that it is only designed for Android users. It also works on iOS devices as long as there is Cydia around for iOS users. With the app installed on your iOS device, you will get to enjoy a large collection of popular games. The app also lets you enjoy all the premium services that come with games. Interestingly for an app that comes jam-packed with lots of impressive features like Xmodgames, it is available for free download.

So these are the best game hacking apps for iOS with which you can hack any games and can get rid of all limitations and these all allow you to enjoy your favourite games without paying even a single penny. Hope you like this article. Please like, share and share your hacking experience.