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What Are Best Mobile Card Games 2020 For Both iOS And Android?

Card games are something that plenty of people can get into, and these are some of the best mobile card games 2020 for both iOS and Android.

What are the best card game apps? We put a wide range of options on the best mobile card games 2020, something for everyone if you will.


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It took its sweet time, but the official spin-off of Gwent, the Witcher 3 card game, is now on both Android and iOS. It’s quite different from what it was like at launch and it’s gone through several updates and revisions, meaning that us mobile jockeys get a game that’s tight and quite unique compared to some of its contemporaries. It’s a power struggle between two people, but it’s less about pounding each other’s cards into dust or attacking life-points – it’s simply a best-out-of-three bout to have a bigger number than your opponent at the end of the round.

This simple concept can inspire a surprising amount of cunning and card combos, with card advantage being a very important concept. As a free-to-play game, there are IAPS and micro-transactions, but it’s very tame and you can still get access to cards through gameplay. If you want some tips to up your game, have a look at our Gwent guide.

Link download: GWENT: The Witcher Card Game


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Considered by many as Riot Game’s challenge to Hearthstone’s supremacy over the mobile deck builder genre, Legends of Runeterra changes up the formula just enough. Using a new spell system for excess mana, and featuring attack, and block phases, the tactical depth of the game outstrips many of its genre rivals and definitely makes it one of the best card games on Android.

Legends of Runeterra is set in the same world as League of Legends, and the quality and quantity of the artwork in the game is pretty astonishing, not only fleshing out the world but utilizing its many characters as in-game Champions too. Check out our guide for Legends of Runeterra decks, if you’re looking to get started.

Link download: Legends of Runeterra


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Released in 2017, this strategy card game takes a lot of inspiration from physical design, while remaining very much digital. It’s more about drafting than deck building, with five phases repeated across four rounds. A game can last as little as ten minutes.

It’s minimalist, but with a touch of flair as you attempt to draft cards based around specific themes, and build your board up as the game progresses. While it was in a bit of a state when it first launched, the years since release have seen this one mature into an excellent game that’s well worth checking out. Crave more board-based mischief? Browse our picks for the best mobile card games 2020.

Link download: Age of Rivals


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Ascension is a household name in deck-building card games, especially on mobile. While Playdek was responsible for bringing that light into our world, Temple Gates Games has the honor of bringing the spiritual successor of Ascension to mobile – and it’s one of the best card games we’ve played to date. The game itself is slick, well designed, and has some very interesting twists on the deckbuilding formula. Shards of Infinity isn’t a reskin of Ascension but is a new game in its own right.

Link download: Shards of Infinity


best mobile card games 2020 (5)

One of the few games that has been a staple on this list since its inception is Tinytouchtales’ Card Thief, but there are other great card games the developer has also made. The most recent release was Miracle Merchanta game about trying to craft potions for customers in need of a remedy or other liquid solution. You must juggle the competing, but equally important tasks of satisfying customers, and maximizing profits. Miracle Merchant is solitaire card-gaming at its finest. The art style is impeccable, and the tactical decision-making is incredibly deep.

Link download: Miracle Merchant


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The phrase “living your best life” is not often one you hear applied to a game, but we can think of no title that’s more applicable than Nerial’s licensed Game of Thrones version of its hit card/monarch simulator, ReignsThis is hands-down the best version of the Reigns formula we’ve seen, and it helps that it involves an engaging and popular IP.

Reigns: Game of Thrones consists of the typical Tinder-style swiping mechanics, coupled with the usual medieval hilarity, and tough choices, as players try to rule the Seven Kingdoms as one of nine iconic characters from the show. All this is enabled through the guise of the character Melisandre; you’re essentially playing out her visions of how these characters might get to sit atop the Iron Throne. Licensed games often get a bad rap, but this one is a great iteration of a great game formula.

Link download: Reigns: Game of Thrones


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A weary party of adventurers stumble into a strange tavern in the woods. The paladin walks up to the bar, where the innkeeper is polishing a tankard, and says “My good sir, pray grant me one of your finest pints of ale, for our road has been long and weary!” The innkeeper looks up in puzzlement: “We only serve cards here laddie.” The paladin is taken aback. “Then we shall find another establishment!” But as he tries to leave he finds the door is locked. “Oh, you can’t ever leave now. Come and warm yourself by the fire… I’ve got a little game to show you.”

That is the story of how Hearthstone came to be, and how it basically defined this whole generation of mobile deck builders. Based on the Warcraft universe, players battle with a selection of heroes and minions, using a gradually increasing stock of mana to play cards, and escalate the battle. The game also introduced an auto chess mode, Battlegrounds, too much approval.

Link download: Hearthstone


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A game of hot potato with a nitroglycerine-infused feline escalates until every player save one has met their maker. Exploding Kittens combines fiery cat death and simple humor, to create a game with hostility and sabotage at its center. Each player only has one life to live, and one defuse card to keep that hairball from becoming a fireball, so quickly players will find they are at each other’s throats. The game is a childish, cartoonish pastiche of obvious joked made too often, but it remains one of the best guilty pleasures around.

Link download: Exploding Kittens

After getting more information about the best mobile card games 2020 with our article, hopefully, you will find the game which shapes your taste. Download card games for mobile on and enjoy!