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The Oculus Quest makes VR more accessible than ever before – and what’s better than free games?

Virtual reality has always fascinated people, and everyone has dreamed of its potential. With the rising cost of VR gear, you can live out your desires right in your living room. But games can be expensive if you buy a lot of them, especially when platforms like the Oculus Quest headgear are still relatively new.

Fortunately, all VR headsets come with free games, and Oculus Quest offers a ton of amazing games that you can play for free. You can play multiplayer games with all of your friends on the Oculus Quest for free. These are the top Oculus Quest games that are available for free play.

Updated December 26, 2023, by Branden Lizardi: Are you one of the lucky folks to be gifted a Meta Quest VR headset this holiday season? Yes, gifts from yourself are perfectly valid. Either way, we’ve updated it to keep everything fresh and accurate while also implementing some new formatting options that will help each article stand out. We also removed any entries that are no longer free. Enjoy!

Free Apps And Demos

Tetris Effect, Superhot, Hubris, Just 15 Minutes At A Time

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 1

While playing a complete game is an amazing experience, there are many of smaller apps available for free download, such the YouTube app or game demos. If you look for them, the Oculus Browser and the YouTube app include a ton of VR experiences.

Furthermore, demos are the ideal technique to determine which games you enjoy playing so that you may choose wisely when buying new ones. You always have something to play if you want to try something new, with free game samples available for Creed: Rise To Glory, Superhot, Space Pirate Trainer, Beat Saber, and many more titles.

Open Brush

Who Needs A Clean Art Studio Anyway?

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 2

Painting is a great hobby in and of itself, but it’s even more fun in a 3D virtual reality setting where you may color whatever you want. Open Brush is a free SideQuest game that lets you live out your dreams of painting in a three-dimensional environment where objects come to life through images. It’s far more thrilling than the ordinary thing.

You’ll instantly fall in love with Open Brush because it gives you a full room to express your ideas. Open Brush is a fantastic software that is made much better by the fact that it is free. If you enjoy art, this is one of the best Oculus Quest games that you can play.

Haunted Warehouse

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 3

The most intense kind of virtual reality entertainment is probably horror games. This is due to the fact that the horrifying scenes feel almost too real, and you are thrust right into the action so you can engage with the eerie atmosphere up close. As a result, horror VR games are rarely free, but Haunted Warehouse avoids this issue.

In this journey, your sole companion will be your headset as you explore a pitch-black warehouse. It will give you the chills to find and engage with the adversary within, and it is up to you to get out of that darkness before it’s too late. Haunted Warehouse for the SideQuest is a worthwhile game to play if you enjoy horror.

Vertical Shift

Sci-Fi Platforming At It’s Best

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 4

For the Oculus Quest, Vertical Shift is a free extreme sports game. There are other modes on it, such as racing and frozen tag. You can compete with nine other players in each multiplayer mode at any given moment, which can make for an exciting experience if you have a large group of friends who also own an Oculus Quest.

Your mobility will be aided with a Zenith Suit, which gives you the equivalent of a grappling hook and enables you to glide and jet boost through the air. Vertical Shift is an endless source of entertainment due to its numerous modes and very engaging movement system.

Squadron One

Some Solid Interstellar Dogfighting

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 5

These days, dogfighting games with space themes are very well-liked. They’re even more entertaining in virtual reality than they are on a regular screen. You take command of your own spacecraft in Squadron One and fight other ships.

In multiplayer, you can battle AI or other people. Squadron One Deathmatch is a great game to play, especially after you get the hang of the controls. Easy access to the lesson mode makes it even easier to get started with this experience. Squadron One is among the greatest free space games, especially if you like action-packed virtual reality titles.

Oculus First Contact

Make A Little Robot Friend In This Official Meta Game

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 6

Imagine yourself kicking back in an RV equipped with (at the time) cutting-edge technology in the 1980s. And a tiny, cute robot appears in front of you with just one button pressed. After then, you play for however long it takes to finish the numerous games, gadgets, and gizmos that surround your enclosed desk space.

Although it wasn’t created by Oculus, the company did formally commission it for the Quest headsets. This is one of the most well-polished experiences available for free on the Oculus Quest game shop, demonstrating the attention for quality. There are plenty of things to do, and it’s a very charming experience. It’s remarkable that it’s free.

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Action Packed Robot Shooting

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 7

You may play the futuristic shooter Hax with SideQuest. You’ll need to use a variety of firearms to face strong robots in this first-person shooter game, which is actually pretty fun if you like the premise. There are numerous attachments available for you to personalize and customize your weapons.

Because virtual reality first-person shooters offer a greater level of immersion than traditional video games, the shooting techniques in these games are also highly enjoyable. Hax is an exciting game for any fan of first-person shooters, and there aren’t many free first-person shooters available for the Oculus Quest that are very good.

Survive It

Classic Zombie Wave Shooter

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 8

Looking for a good old fashioned zombie wave survival game? Survive It is exactly that. Pick up weapons, shoot the oncoming hordes of undead, and reload in between. This is a simple and easy to follow formula that remains timelessly entertaining.

The graphics won’t win any awards. But they’re consistant and keep true to the theme and style. What rough edges it does have are easily forgivable for how fun (and free) the game is.


Rocket League Without The Wheels

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 9

Take Rocket League and swap out the automobiles for mechas that resemble humans. Put that in virtual reality, and you have Ultimechs. In this free online multiplayer “sports” game, you create and personalize your own enormous robots. Then, these mechs are positioned in a sizable arena with objectives on either side. You have to attack the enormous game ball by leaping from place to place and entice it into your opponent’s goal.

This game will definitely captivate you if you’re the kind of person who gets seduced by a decent competitive multiplayer experience. It’s quite replayable for a free game because it’s simple to pick up but difficult to master. “One more game,” as the saying goes.


A Racing Game That Doesn’t Need To Be Sci-Fi

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 10

If you like racing games in general, V-Speedway is a great game to start with. You will love zooming around each of the thrilling tracks as you get to drive in first person. Online leaderboards are available to compare your progress with other players and test your skills against them.

There is something for everyone in V-Speedway, whether you want to play Time Attack, Single Race, or just ride around the racetrack unrestricted. The last benefit of V-Speedway is that it offers more customization options, such as the ability to change the side of the vehicle on which the steering wheel is located.


A Minecraft-Like Sandbox Game

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 11

Discovery is a free base-building game with a creative mode. You can use blocks to build in a 3D world and build to your heart’s content, regardless of if you want to create a tiny cottage or a massive city. With so much creativity for you to harness, there’s a lot for you to build.

If you don’t like to build alone, then Discovery is perfect because you can play online with your friends. There are also over 200 different building materials to use, so your buildings will also have a unique touch. If you like base-building games outside of virtual reality, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how fun Discovery is once you’re immersed in your Oculus Quest headset.

Mission XVR

Laser Tag Reimagined

Top Free Games For The Oculus Quest: Which is Better? - 12

The majority of people like playing laser tag, which is why it’s a fantastic idea for a VR game to play at home. With first-person shooter gameplay, Mission X brings this idea to life by putting the action directly on your headset.

In Mission X, you can play a classic game of laser tag with your pals in a multiplayer mode that accommodates up to nine players. One of the most enjoyable Oculus Quest games you can play for free is Mission X because of its numerous maps, which ensure that you’ll never grow tired of the fighting.

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