Full Lists of the Top 10 Game Levels of 2024

2024 was a fantastic year for gaming, and here we look at the best levels designed during this year.

The mark of a truly excellent game is how good its levels are. As gaming has pushed further into open-world gaming, developers seem to continue moving away from traditional level design (though it should be noted that open worlds can be considered to be levels in a variety of different ways as well).

2024 was home to some great levels from both major series and new ones. A lot of remakes managed to stand out as 2024 was home to many of them, and those remakes took steps to make sure that already-excellent games were made even better, something that extended to all those excellent levels. So let’s go over the best game levels we got to experience in 2024.

10. Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Bowser’s Blazing Beats

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If you’re looking for an excellent Mario level that throws absolutely everything at you and asks you to succeed, Bowser’s Blazing Beats from Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a fantastic level. The level starts out simple enough, with some basic enemies and blazing fists to avoid.

As soon as you get that Wonder Flower, the level turns into a massive jam-fest. You’ll need to grip the beat of the music in order to properly avoid the blazing fists for the rest of the tricky level. All those springing platforms certainly don’t make things easier, but at the end of the game, you’ll be more than ready for the challenge.

9. Pikmin 4 – Serene Shores

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There may be a lot of action gamers who avoided the exploration- and puzzled-based Pikmin 4, and if that’s you, you’d be missing out on the fantastic Serene Shores level. It actually breaks a trend with Nintendo games and stands out as excellent despite being at a water level.

The level still features all the Pikmin action that you’d expect, but based in a beautifully crafted and designed water setting. The blue Pikmin are going to be your best friend in this level as you use your new little friends to explore for treasure in the massive environment that can dynamically change depending on the time of day.

8. Resident Evil 4 – Chapter 1

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Although it may seem absurd to declare the Resident Evil 4 Remake’s introduction to be its greatest level, there are times when a game’s excellence makes this difficult to determine. It must be emphasized because the introduction masterfully restored the enchantment of the original while introducing fresh dynamic elements.

This game’s introduction really shines, whether it’s the fresh, terrifying opening that shakes things up right away or the village combat that’s as bit as exciting as the first one. You are fairly quickly taught what you need to know, and during the game, you will face several foes that will put your skills to the test.

7. Tears Of The Kingdom – The Lightning Temple

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A few temples, including the Lightning Temple, continue to stand out as excellent levels for 2024 even though some people are still not overly fond of the ones that were featured in Tears of the Kingdom. You are need to enter and make your way through a vast pyramid, a la Indiana Jones.

The freedom nearly makes the difficulties harder, with many of challenging puzzles to solve however you see fit. The fantastic battle you get to have with Queen Gibdo at the conclusion also wonderfully connects the whole gloomy and sandy environment.

6. Dead Space Remake – Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard

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One of the many reasons the Dead Space remake is so beloved is that, in the opinion of many, there aren’t any weak levels. Though there are many levels that are ranked as the greatest, Chapter 6: Environmental Hazards is one that really sticks out.

Chapter 6 is an enormous challenge with lots of amazing monster encounters, a spooky excursion to hydroponics, rooms that test your air, and an amazing fight at the end of the chapter against your first encounter with Leviathan. Although it’s not as difficult as some of the other stages, Chapter 6 can still be your favorite if you’re not into the Hunter.

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5. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Koboh

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Compared to the original game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a lot more linear growth, which may be why Koboh, the planet, is so noticeable to a lot of players. Koboh is essentially Cal’s hub world, but it provides you much more than just a basic customizing platform.

Surprisingly, there is a lot to discover on a planet that is comparatively safer than the others. When a player isn’t feeling the main storyline advancement or wants to practice their talents, Koboh is an excellent area to spend time because it offers a lot of enjoyable challenges.

4. Lies Of P – St. Frangelico’s Cathedral

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That may be part of what makes this enormous Gothic cathedral so unique—it feels a lot more like a castle than anything else in Lies of P. There are plenty of interesting sections to explore in Lies Of P, but this one—which revolves around the basic gimmick of poison-like decay—is among the best.

The level’s difficulty pays off as you progress since, in the end, you’ll be able to eliminate all of those rot places and navigate the area much more readily. This level is one you should attempt because it has a lot of suspenseful traversing moments and a fantastic boss for the region.

3. Hi-Fi Rush – Track 10

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In case you overlooked it, Hi-Fi Rush is an excellent combination of action and rhythm game elements. Although Track 10 is one of the longest levels, it’s also one of the most visually stunning and entertaining to play.

This level features some of the best interactions in the game, along with a ton of amazing fights. As you defeat the enemies, the entire level is hilarious, breathtaking, and full of amazing music. The level’s last, enormous wolf monster is usually a tremendous final challenge.

2. Diablo 4 – Scosglen

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Another game that people are talking about nonstop is Diablo 4, and if you’re among those that adore Scosglen, then you probably are too. For precisely this reason, a great deal of folks adore the vast and gloomy location, which makes you feel like you’re roaming throughout ancient Scotland.

You can spend many hours in Scosglen because there is so much to discover, so many fascinating individuals to interact with, and so many amazing tasks to complete. Even though Diablo 4 might be somewhat serious at times, if you know where to look, Scosglen can be a quite humorous location.

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – The Depths

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Many anticipated that the sky would play a significant part in Tears of the Kingdom, but nobody anticipated how crucial the Depths would be. This location beneath Hyrule, which is kept completely secret, has a sinister reflection of the surrounding landscape.

Along with fighting some of the hardest opponents in the game and a few new ones, you also have to make your way through the pitch-black. The Depths are a must for exploration because whole questlines require you to go there, and the game’s conclusion takes place there. It’s always a thrill to stumbling into the shadows and finding something fresh and fascinating.