Top 7 Mobile Games like Hades Worth Playing

Let’s take a deep dive into the 7 best Mobile Games like Hades as follows:

7. Pocket Rogues: Ultimate

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The Hades Underworld is divided into tiers, however the entire realm may be termed a dungeon. The goal is to go through this ever-changing dungeon, which is exactly what Pocket Rogues: Ultimate does. This rogue game, presented by Ether Gaming, offers a top-down perspective as you control a designated warrior as you explore a seemingly infinite dungeon in pursuit of money and glory.

Though each run is unique, with new enemies to face, there is a foundation you may build to improve your chances. You’ll be able to return to your castle between runs and upgrade it in a variety of ways. Before you go, you can choose which items, weapons, and even heroes you have access to the dungeon.

6. Guidus: Pixel Roguelike RPG

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The land of Hades is colorful, yet it can also be quite dark and bleak should you decide to confront the terrible powers. After monsters from the Abyss appeared to cause havoc, the developers of Izzle decided to investigate a comparable place. This happens in the game Guidus, which has a rogue structure and colorful pixel imagery to balance off the darkness of the story. Your mission is to liberate the Royal Palace from these horrible forces so that one of the royal twins can ascend to the throne.

When the twins attempted to retake the castle on their own, they were defeated. Fortunately, you take on the character of a surviving warrior who is still capable of fighting. Each time you enter the palace, your hero will acquire experience and strength, allowing them to progress further the next time. They’ll also have access to buffs and blessings, which will offer them a significant advantage in future missions.

5. Dead Cells

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Dead Cells uses the same fundamental loop as Hades, allowing you to begin playing, die, unlock new items, and then restart. This roguelike is incredibly simple and quick to learn, and as you die in runs, it’s very easy to re-invest and work your way up in the game. Dead Cells lacks a strong narrative thread, but if you’re seeking for a challenge, this is the game for you. It’s pretty similar in style and concept, so if you like Hades, this is a simple option for you to try.

4. Bastion

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Bastion was made by the same game developers as Hades, so it feels like an obvious choice if you’re seeking for a mobile game similar to Hades to play after you’ve finished with Hades. Bastion was out a few years ago, yet it shares many of the same bones as Hades. Bastion’s only true drawback is that it isn’t as replayable as Hades, but it’s still a fantastic action RPG that will remind you of Hades.

3. Soul Knight

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Though Hades is still fresh in everyone’s minds, there are previous games with comparable characteristics. Soul Knight is one such game, released in 2017 by the folks at Chilly Room. This is another game that has you exploring an ever-changing dungeon with no idea what you’re going to acquire. You begin in a stone room before being transported to a frozen ruin.

You control one of numerous heroes who are skilled with guns and swords. This time, the aim is to bring the earth back into equilibrium. To do so, you must locate a magical stone that has been stolen by aliens. You must use your accumulated weapons, powers, and heroes to reach the end and take it back.

2. Juicy Realm

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Juicy Realm is a roguelike that has a captivating, adorable story, tons of color, loads of weapons and a bunch of powers to discover. It’s got the same room-based structure as Hades does, giving you a bit of Hades flair in the game, but coming at you with a punch of color and a bit more fun. It’s very similar in gameplay to Hades, giving you a new, fun story to dive into.

1. Caves

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Though the Hades levels are quite diverse, you can’t forget that the whole ordeal takes place far beneath the surface of the mortal realm. An easy way to head underground is to enter caves such as those in Caves. Created by 36 Dev, this game includes a mix of rogue and turn-based mechanics. Since it’s set in underground caverns, there’s a natural component that gives you the option to dig through walls and forge your own path.

You also have more control over your character since you’re able to customize their build to suit your strategy and play style. You’ll also have access to technology and magic powers to help you fight enemies and navigate through the caves. How far you get and what you’ll find are all up to you, your skill, and the luck you’ll need to build your very best hero.

“Source: Pocketgamer”