Top Android Arcade Games 2024: Which is Better?

Arcade game is a type of video game that is typically found in public places like arcades, restaurants, bars, and entertainment centers. These games are often coin-operated and feature a variety of game genres, including action, adventure, racing, puzzle, and more. Arcade games are known for their simple and intuitive gameplay, colorful graphics, and competitive nature. They have been popular since the 1970s and have evolved over the years to include advanced technology and immersive experiences. 

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Top Android Arcade Games 2024: Which is Better? - 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is a fresh game created in a classic style for beat ’em ups, pixel graphics included. Better yet, the art looks incredibly similar to the TMNT cartoon from the 1980s, offering a fair bit of nostalgia. But cool art and slick themes aren’t enough to carry a game, you need quality gameplay, and Shredder’s Revenge delivers, stacking up to Streets of Rage 4 (a few listings below). Best of all, controllers are supported out of the box, so whether you prefer to play with the touchscreen or something more tactile, you’re covered. So order a pizza, grab your skateboard, and get ready to experience a modern classic fitting of the TMNT name.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors

After making waves on the Steam Deck, Vampire Survivors found its way to mobile, coincidentally the night of the Game Awards. The game is free to play, with optional advertisements to earn bonuses after runs. The name of the game is survival, and since the only thing you can control is your character’s direction, you’ll strafe to your heart’s content to see how long you can last.

For what primarily plays as a top-down shooter, the roguelike aspects, where you incrementally improve your equipment to ensure your runs grow longer and longer. The late game will be demanding on lower-end phones, so don’t let the simple graphics fool you. A lot goes on end-game when you’re surrounded by thousands of enemies. Vampire Survivors is an incredibly addictive game, so don’t miss out. This one was well worth the wait.


Top Android Arcade Games 2024: Which is Better? - 2

This may be hard to believe, but Atari has returned to form with Kombinera, a new game from the company that offers old-school gameplay paired with a modern aesthetic that calls back to simpler times. The goal is to combine your character with color balls in the correct order to avoid each level’s obstacles, so it’s a puzzle game with some platforming mechanics.

Nothing groundbreaking, and yet the game is a joy to play, specifically because of its simplicity. But don’t be fooled. This is a challenging title. So if you love puzzles and platforming, Kombinera is an arcade-style game worth checking out.

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4
The Streets of Rage brawling series dates back to the 90s on Sega’s Genesis. Streets of Rage 4 is a series revival, released almost 30 years after the third game. And it’s phenomenal, including the Android port. You have your choice of new and classic characters, with exceptional art and music that adds up to one of the best brawlers released in years.

The Android port is fantastic, and it offers all the features you’d expect of a console/PC-quality game, such as controller support, optimized performance that can easily hold 60FPS, and the post-release DLC with its survival mode. However, the DLC has an added cost on the $8 price tag (Mr. X’s Nightmare DLC is $3). So if you’ve yet to play this fantastic beat ’em up (check out the beginner’s guide), now’s your chance to play on Android, controller support included.



Minecraft doesn’t need an introduction. Mojang’s open-world voxel sandbox content should be familiar to most. You can build like Legos in a free-play mode or jump into survival mode to grind your days away. Multiplayer content is a huge part of the game, and while the store is packed with all kinds of content to buy, at least the primary gameplay loop remains consistent.

Controllers are supported out of the box, and the touchscreen controls are plenty serviceable. This is a solid port of a great game that offers hundreds of hours of gameplay. For the asking price, you can’t go wrong.