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Top Android Action Games 2024: Which is Better?

Action games are a genre of games that prioritize physical challenges, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. They often involve fast-paced gameplay, combat, and exploration. Players typically control a character and engage in activities such as shooting, melee combat, or platforming. Action games can be further categorized into sub-genres like first-person shooters (FPS), third-person shooters (TPS), beat ’em ups, and action-adventure games. These games are known for their adrenaline-pumping action and immersive experiences.

1. Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal

Top Android Action Games 2024: Which is Better? - 1

Feral Interactive has been releasing ports of popular AAA games on mobile for some time now, from X-Com to Alien Isolation. Hitman: Blood Money is one such port, and it’s an excellent one that is faithful to the original while offering enough tweaks to make it mobile-friendly. The result is a game that plays well on a touchscreen or with a controller, where you’ll sneak and assassinate your way through a myriad of hand-crafted levels. If you’re a fan of the original or simply enjoy quality stealth games packed with action, then Hitman: Blood Money is definitely something you should be playing on Android.

2. Roto Force

Top Android Action Games 2024: Which is Better? - 2

Do you enjoy slick pixel art, as well as things that spin? Well, my friend, you are in luck. Roto Force offers both in excess, along with challenging gameplay any seasoned gamer should take seriously. The whole thing boils down to circling each stage as you shoot things, with the goal of staying alive. Simple, to the point, and most importantly, a big ‘ol bucket of fun. Best of all, this is a premium release you can trial for free, and if you are impressed with the simple fun on offer here, then you can unlock the entirety of the title for a fiver.

3. Fireball Wizard

Top Android Action Games 2024: Which is Better? - 3

For what looks like a simple action platformer, Fireball Wizard offers tons of fun that just about any phone can run. Yes, the game can be short, with four worlds comprised of ten levels each, but bite-sized gameplay is where the game excels, making it a great port for mobile. Plus, you can expect a challenge, especially if you plan on hunting down every secret, and this is what drives the core of the fun, the fact you won’t be breezing through the game despite the number of hours it provides. Running and gunning won’t save you here; you have to think out your moves, ensuring progression is always earned, resulting in a feeling of accomplishment.

4. Castlevania: SotN

Top Android Action Games 2024: Which is Better? - 4

The term Metroidvania was coined to describe Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This is a classic PS1 game from Konami, a direct sequel to Rondo of Blood, and it’s still heralded as one of the best Castlevania games ever made. Konami brought the title to mobile in 2020 as a surprise release, and the port is fantastic. It runs great, and controllers are supported, so you can play this like you did on the PS1, with tactile and responsive controls, which are necessary to beat this challenging game.

Sure, the touch controls work in a pinch, but you won’t finish the game using them, which is why controller support is so important. Hands down, this is an excellent port of a fantastic game, and the price is totally on point. For once, Konami did something right.

5. Dead Cells

Top Android Action Games 2024: Which is Better? - 5

When it comes to roguelike Metroidvanias, Dead Cells is a name that’s often thrown around, and that’s because it’s a title that defines the genre. Thanks to the inclusion of controller support, the controls are spot-on, and even the touch controls are good enough to get you through the first few stages. Still, this is a challenging game, and death is a constant, but you’ll slowly progress as you unlock new weapons during your runs.

What’s nice is that the game supports high framerates, which are stable, making for a smooth experience. There’s even some extra DLC available when you finally beat the primary campaign, which means there are tons of content that should last most players 30 hours or more.