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Full List of the 7 Best Second Life-like Games

Explore the list of some of the best games similar to Second Life.

Second Life may have faded into obscurity with the rise of social networks, but it still exists on the internet. The virtual world has continued to rotate as the game changed to keep up with modern times. It retains the vibe of an older game while adding more functionality and a larger community as a result. You are welcome to create an account and an avatar to explore this world whenever you have the time to log in. While the notion may have appeared unusual at first, Second Life is now home to a slew of different lives.

With so many games available, you can experience the virtual lives of a wide range of characters, but sometimes you want to create your own existence. That is why there are online communities and live simulators that allow you to experience life from a different perspective in a whole new atmosphere. They can be imaginative or grounded, depending on your preferences for your virtual portrayal. If you want to add more lives to your Second Life, try out one of these popular titles.

1. #Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play

  • Available on: Android + Smartphone
  • Genre: Casual, Collection, Party/mini-games, Simulation

Full List of the 7 Best Second Life-like Games - 1

Have you ever longed to be taken to an anime world where you could interact with other anime-style characters? If that’s your exact wish, you should check out #Me. The name may be unusual, but it is also a very accurate description. It is about you entering a new anime universe and community with other gamers that share your desire. You can explore the bright 3D world and engage in a variety of activities. You can speak, explore, play games, and make memories in a world full of opportunities for your virtual existence.

2. BUD – Create, Play & Hangout

  • Available on: iOS + Android + Smartphone
  • Genre: Simulation

Full List of the 7 Best Second Life-like Games - 2

This game wants you to know that you are its friend and that by playing it, you can make new friends. You and other players have signed up to be converted into chibi avatars with round bodies and large heads that strike the perfect balance. It’s a joyful and lovely universe that can be merry when the mood strikes. It provides a lot of customization options by allowing you to draw your own designs, as well as a variety of community activities. You can even have multiple characters walking about your own created universe.

3. Pony Town

  • Available on: Android + Smartphone
  • Genre: Simulation

Full List of the 7 Best Second Life-like Games - 3

You may or may not have followed the evolution of My Little Pony, which resulted in the formation of one of the largest communities. Take that as you will, even if you aren’t a fan of the show, because it inspired a great social game. Welcome to Pony Town, a beautiful rural area with everything a pony might want. Make a stable full of ponies and an island for them to reside on. Befriend people and visit new locations while taking part in a variety of events. These brightly colored horses could definitely make friends with anyone.

4. PK XD: Fun, friends & games

Full List of the 7 Best Second Life-like Games - 4

Do you ever wonder what Roblox-style beings get up to when they’re not starring in custom worlds? That’s an odd thing to ponder but there is an answer in PK XD. Again, we’ve got another title that doesn’t roll off the tongue, but the experience can make up for that. Create your smooth and rounded avatar to enter a world that may as well be made of candy. It’s so bright and lively that you think it’s all about playing and that’s not far off. You’re able to spend all your time wandering around, playing games, and meeting other people who just want to have a good time.

5. Avakin Life

  • Publisher: Lockwood Publishing
  • Available on: iOS + APK + Android
  • Genre: RPG, Simulation

Full List of the 7 Best Second Life-like Games - 5

It can cost a lot of time and money to look stylish and glamorous, which is something not all of us can invest in. To live out our fashionable fantasies we can turn to games like Avakin Life. While it may not be the smoothest when it comes to life sims, it focuses on trying to emulate casual social situations among human-looking avatars. After you spend some time forming your body and picking out your best outfit, let loose on the virtual city as you go to cafes, clubs, and more to meet other fashionable folks. And when you feel a desire to get away, you can retreat to your custom-made home.

6. Highrise: Virtual Metaverse

  • Developer: Pocket Worlds
  • Publisher: Pocket Worlds
  • Available on: iOS + Android + APK
  • Genre: Simulation

Full List of the 7 Best Second Life-like Games - 6

As cities grow, an increasing number of people will end up living in residences in huge highrise buildings. This is demonstrated in a game called Highrise. You’re entering a universe centered on a very tall highrise structure with ample space for individuals from all over the planet. Your avatar resembles a doll or action figure rather than an actual human, and the highrise represents model real estate. There are numerous designs and styles to discover as you progress through the stages, meeting people, attending social events, and unlocking new avatar fashions.

7. Play Together

  • Developer: Haegin
  • Publisher: Haegin
  • Available on: APK + Android
  • Genre: Casual, Multiplayer

Full List of the 7 Best Second Life-like Games - 7

The whole point of life sims is for people to meet, socialize, and play together. With a name like Play Together, you have a pretty clear idea of what kind of game to expect. This lovely and clean-looking game has a lot of characters that look like they could be in the Peanuts comics, which makes them more approachable. After you’ve made your avatar, you can meet people or explore the peaceful natural world. You can play with animals, get decorations for your house, collect photos for your display, and, of course, play games together.