Top 7 Best Adventure Games For Android As Of 2020 For Any Travel Freak

Adventure games are among the most unique of any game. If you are ready for a list of games that will do just that, here are our picks for the best adventure games for Android!

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the newer adventure games on the list of best Adventure games for Android. It’s very much like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Players get a big, open-world to explore with a bunch of quests and missions to do. Players even get a glider to traverse larger distances. There is also an RPG element to this one, but you obtain most of the characters through quests rather than random summons so it adds a bit of flavor to the game. It looks good, the controls are excellent, and you’ll be adventuring through this one for a long time.


80 Days

80 Days is one of the best offline adventure games for Android download. You play as Phileas Fogg’s assistant, Passepartout, and you attempt to circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. You can take airships, submarines, trains, and even mechanical camels. Players must manage Phileas’ vitals as you travel around the world or risk losing the game. The game plays at a rapid pace and you literally adventure all around the world. In addition, you also race other players to see who gets there first. It’s a one of a kind type of game and well worth its price tag. It’s also free via Google Play Pass if you have it.



Crashland is already among the best adventure games for Android from 2016. You play as a space trucker named Flux. The game starts with you crashing onto an alien planet. Your job is to retrieve your cargo, build yourself a base, fight bad guys, and save the world. It has a lot of game elements, including crafting, combat, RPG-style character leveling, and you can even tame creatures to fight for your side. It’s a deep game with a ton of content that you can play on both mobile and PC. It’s 4.8 rating on Google Play is accurate. This one is also available on Google Play Pass if you use it.


Sky Dancer Run

Get on this game in the list of best adventure games for Android offline right now to succeed in different weather conditions, you have to jump across edge-cracking cliffs and face other obstacles too. Run and jump across hazardous cliffs from one flying island to another, while avoiding large boulders. Feel free like a bird as you run through the skies and land gracefully trying to beat the endless abyss. Conquer all the dangerous terrains in different weather conditions from clear skies to storms that rage for days.


Death City: Zombie Invasion

Another absolute go for the best adventure games for Android free on dlapk, we have Death City. With this game, you will have two companions and join them to make a road to survival. In order to survive, cooperation is essential. Sometimes you need to take some dangerous work, but this does not mean that your companions are lazy, they are also struggling to survive.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monument Valley 1 and 2 are two of the best free puzzle games as of 2020. You move levels around because each level is a puzzle. Players are treated to optical illusions, a vague but fun story, and a consistent experience through two games.


The Room: Old Sins

Most of The Room games aren’t adventure games. The same can’t be said for the newest game in the series, though. The Room: Old Sins incorporates exploration elements along with its iconic puzzle structure. That gives it an extra dimension that the prior games don’t have. For the uninitiated, The Room is a series of games with gorgeous graphics, complex puzzles, and arcane themes. The latest one, One Sins, also supports Google Play Games achievements, cloud saving, and more. This is going to be one of the best puzzle-adventure games of 2018 for sure.

We dedicated to you the best adventure games for Android, hopefully these games above will pique your interest!